WJBF EXTRA: Too Many Options

Photo of a multitude of options when buying milk from a grocery store.
Photo of a multitude of options when buying milk from a grocery store.

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – From the food we make to the drinks we drink, and even the paint we put on our walls…there are a lot of options to choose from. If you’re having a hard time choosing, you’re not alone.

“We have almost 2000 different wines from around the world,” said an Augusta resident.

“The more we have to choose from, the more people want, instead of being thankful for what they have,” said Deb Prohaska, from Augusta.

“There are 125 flavors of popcorn…” said a De La Pop employee.

and it’s confusing and overwhelming,” said Barbara Coleman, who is a Marketing professor at Augusta University.

“I think they have made things a little too complicated, too many choices,” said Prohaska.

“There are too many options and it doesn’t matter what category we’re talking about,” said Coleman.

“I think it’s crazy and things have gotten out of hand., Prohaska said.

“I go to the grocery store and it takes 10 minutes to find the original, plain Ritz Crackers,” a shopper told us.

“I’ve seen probably over 1000 colors, which is way too many that a person can consume,” said another shopper.

“Fortunately, our brains help us out because our brain can only manage about seven different brands,” Coleman told us.

“You’ve got many, many brands of milk. Different percentages of fats, powdered milk, and when you get home you wonder ‘have I made the right decision?'” said a shopper.

“A lot of categories, it simply doesn’t matter. And you don’t often lose a lot of sleep over whichever one you chose, Coleman added.

“Sometimes people are just like, “OK I’m fed up. I’m tired. I’m just going to grab whatever I want to grab. It’s time to go. You know, it’s just overwhelming and they don’t need any more stress.” said wine specialist Jeff Kneece.

“If it’s paint you just stand there and look. You pull them up and you look and you look and you look. Sometimes I just leave,” a shopper told us.

“Maybe you don’t have enough information to ask the right question. Start with friends, go to a respected source such as Consumer Reports,” Coleman said.

I think life has become too complicated and that’s why people are stressed. I think they really just need to keep it simple,” Prohaska added.

“I think, you know, old school is, to a certain extent, better,” a Lowe’s cashier told us.

“If we’re talking about life as it was in the 1950s. It was gray. Maybe we only had a couple of choices. We all had rotary telephones. But it wasn’t satisfying,” Coleman told us.

“You do see them come in, you know, stressed out. You know. I want this color and he wants this color. Women are a little pickier than men. They want everything to match. A lot of the time, the story we get from a man is ‘Oh, it don’t matter. Just go ahead and just get it,'” the cashier added.

“If you’re an apathetic shopper which most men are it’s totally overwhelming. If you’re a recreational shopper which most women are, it’s just great fun,” Coleman concluded, with a laugh.

If you want more in-depth information on making choices you can go to Amazon.com. There are thousands of books available about making choices.

Let us know in our web poll below, do you feel overwhelmend with options when you go shopping?

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