It’s Officially the Holiday Season in Washington, Georgia

It’s officially the Holiday season in Washington Georgia.

Hundreds came out to celebrate Christmas a month early for the annual night of Candle light Shopping.

The cafes and shops stayed open late while people mingled and spent the night reminiscing.

This year the town brought back the Christmas tree lighting, a 28 foot monster with ornaments made by all of the children.

“It’s a true picture of when a community works together what happens,” The town’s Mayor said.

Mayor Ames Barnett says this night is for the people of Washington. As a Washington native, Barnett is passionate about serving the people of his hometown.

“I love small town Georgia, we’re a community built on relationships, you know when somebody hurts we all hurt, when somebody is joyful we’re all joyful,” he continued.

For years this small town has been celebrating the start of the Holiday Season with bright lights, church choirs and a good time.

“Somebody told me today that it’s the best thing they’ve seen happen around Christmas in 25 years,” Mayor Barnett explained.

Angie Strother has lived in Washington her entire life and says it’s nights like these that remind her why she never left.

“It’s absolutely wonderful you get to see a lot of the people that are coming into town and after teaching for 34 years, I find that so many of my children come back and that’s fun to see them and their parents,” Strother said.

Strother owns Bee Southern, one of the town’s most popular boutiques.

If you couldn’t make it out on Tuesday night, the celebration continues on December 12th when the community puts together the Christmas home tours and Community Christmas dinner.

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