Residents Say Spiders Are Taking Over Their Neighborhood

Photo of a spider in a Tennessee neighborhood that residents say has been taken over by spiders. (Courtesy: CNN)
Photo of a spider in a Tennessee neighborhood that residents say has been taken over by spiders. (Courtesy: CNN)

Memphis, TN (CNN) – What looks like frost or dew in the grass of the neighborhood…is not…

“I’ve never seen anything,” said resident Frances Ward.

“It’s like a horror movie! Never seen nothing like this before,” said resident Debra Lewis

It turns out, the ground cover is a finely spun home for spiders.

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“It’s just a spider web, I mean, almost a mile long! Full of spiders!” said Ward.

The spider web stretches for nearly a half-mile. It is filled with thousands, possibly millions, of spiders. And, the arachnids aren’t homebodies staying in the web…they like to travel.

“They’re just in the earl. They’re flying everywhere. They all on the house, on the side of the windows,” said resident Debra Lewis.

“When I got up this morning, it was like spiders all over my door, they were coming in my house,” Ward said.

“You can’t even sit down in her house because they’re all on the walls and on the door. We’ve been killing spiders for about an hour now,” Lewis said.

Efforts to get rid of the spiders by neighbors Francis Ward, Debra Lewis and Ida Morris is slow-going.

“I’ve been seeing about 20 on my porch,” said Morris.

The neighbors are worried this real-life creature feature could be dangerous, and they want the city to fix it.

“Clean this area up and spray for these spiders and, you know, just to make it be safe. The kids be out here running around. A spider could bite one of the kids or anything,” said Lewis.

While the neighbors wait for help, they are taking spider extermination into their own hands…

“We just killed two of them. Get the little one up there!” said one woman.

…One spider at a time.

The curator of the Memphis Zoo says this may simply be a mass dispersal of millions of spiders that have always been in that field. They may have simply gone unnoticed until now. The curator adds that the spiders are telling us that all is well with nature at that location.

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