Aiken Woman Runs 144 Miles to Help the Homeless

AIKEN, SC — Instead of using a fork this Thanksgiving, an Aiken woman started a campaign called “A Fork in the Road.”

For the campaign, she ran 144 miles to raise money for the homeless.

From the Rock Hill, South Carolina area to North Augusta, Lesley Koppert ran in hopes of raising money for the growing homeless population in South Carolina.

Friends ran alongside her, off and on, in 10 to 12 mile intervals.

She says she’s not just trying to raise money, but awareness as well.

“I wanted to make people think with me being out on the road for those days. I wanted to kind of remind people that there are other people out there, the homeless community that don’t get to spend the weekend with their family, eating, doing the traditional Thanksgivings kind of things,” Lesley Koppert said.

She raised $4,800 as of Sunday night and that will be split in half for the Mt. Salem Outreach Mission of Gloverville and The Salvation Army of Aiken.

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