Your Hometown Stories: Courson’s Winery


That is the sweet sound of 14 years of hard work and love that Devereux resident Raymond “Beau” Courson has put into his wine.

Courson’s winery is a small winery in Hancock county, just west of Sparta. Raymond started his winery after a tropical storm passed through is county.

“Well we had, at that time, Georgia’s largest blackberry farm and a tropical storm rolled through and we couldn’t harvest fresh fruit for market and we watched thousands of dollars in the field go bad.”

That’s when a friend of his from New York City suggested making wine out of the blackberries and the rest is history.

It wasn’t an easy task early on, but with time and patience, Beau got the hang of it.

“Well keep in mind that I am not school trained, so I had my back size was two barrels, so I went out and bought 45 glass jugs, 5 gallon jugs, and a thousand batches later I think I have it figured out.”

Over the years Mr. Courson has made large variety of wine, including muscadine, peach, apple, plum, and even merlot and chardonnay. Courson’s Winery offers 30 different wines that they produce in his small hometown.

“It makes me proud of what we do that people enjoy the product and continue to come back to us.”

And the customers keep coming back not just from around the area, but from around the world. Raymond Courson has customers from Asia, Russia, and Africa. His wine has been sold to folks in every continent except Antarctica.

Even though Raymond has big time clients, he prefers to keep his business small.

“I really don’t wish to become and ernest and gallo, selling it for three dollars a bottle. We are just going to stay a real niche, small winery and hopefully support myself and the family and just grow within the area”

Everything at Courson’s Winery is hand made. They even offer jams, jellies, honey, gift baskets, and wine making supplies and kits. Courson’s wine is truly a work of art and this small town winery is certainly worth the trip to Devereux.

“My name is on every bottle, I don’t let anything leave the store unless I’m 100 percent confident of it’s quality”

Courson’s winery in Hancock county, a true southern wine in your hometown. In Devereux, for your hometown stories, I’m John Lynn, WJBF News Channel 6.


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