Armed Man Standing in Front of Martinez Walmart

Jim Stachowiak, in front of Walmart.

MARTINEZ, GA — An armed man is getting a lot of attention in front of the Walmart on Bobby Jones Expressway in Columbia County.

Jim Stachowiak is standing on the side of the road with anti-Islamic signs and a sweatshirt that reads, ‘Death to ISIS.”

The Augusta man says President Obama needs to stop Islamic immigration because of the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California and Paris.

Stachowiak is standing guard because he’s afraid that more terrorist attacks will happen in the United States.

“When the call people like me, because I have a tactical weapon here to defend my free speech… we’re the danger? NRA members like myself, we’re the danger? No. The danger is the people that are raping women and devaluing human life,” Stachowiak said.

This isn’t the first time Stachowiak has done this.

A few months ago, he stood guard in front of the Kroger on Wrightsboro Road in Augusta.

After that, some Muslims came forward and said in the past, they had issues with him teasing them and bashing their religion.

Stachowiak says he will keep standing guard every other Sunday until the end of the year.

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