Interfaith Community Supports Muslim Fight Against Hate

The Islamic Society opened its doors to guests who stood in support of the faith.

Augusta, GA – Faith leaders across the CSRA stood in solidarity with the Muslim community Friday.

Jewish, Sikh and Christian leaders joined the Islamic community at the Islamic Society of Augusta in Martinez for traditional Friday prayer to show support against hate and targeting.  This idea came to the group after extremists have been connected with recent terror attacks.  Imam Mohamed Jamal Daoudi said the number of radicals are few and have nothing to do with Islam, which is a peaceful religion he said.  He told the group the radicals will not win by spreading fear and encouraged everyone to love their neighbors, talk to their neighbors and live in happiness.

Rabbi Emeritus Robert Klensin, from the Congregation Children of Israel on Walton Way in Augusta, told News Channel 6 Hanukkah was the perfect time to show unity.

“Our Jewish community has at times been persecuted and not allowed into countries And expelled from countries so we understand,” he said.

A volunteer from the Sikh community, Narinder Pal Singh Malik also said this is the best time to show support to Muslims.

“[The] Muslim community is our brothers and sisters. We need to support them in difficult times.”

The Imam also told the group they should be proud of who they are as American Muslims and that everyone should understand that not all religions are alike.

Imam Mohamad Jamal Daoudi's message was love.
Imam Mohamad Jamal Daoudi’s message was love.

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