The McCormick County Humane Society Needs Your Help

McCormick County Humane Society.

A McCormick County animal shelter is asking you to keep them in your thoughts during this season of giving.

The small, no-kill Shelter is run by volunteers with big hearts.

With no animal control in the entire county, the humane society is quickly running out of room for all of these animals.

“We hold maybe 5 to 10 fundraisers a year, we sell candy, we sell cookbooks, we have sock hops, we do what we can, but we have a very small population in McCormick County,” Volunteer, Jan Burttram said.

The McCormick County Humane Society is doing everything they can to help animals across the county.

The shelter is run strictly on donations and volunteers, but they’re determined to provide the best environment possible for these sweet faces.

“One of the things we are trying to do now is get an exercise pin which is large enough for us to put in some exercise equipment for the dogs to mentally stimulate them. I know that sounds crazy, but a happy dog is an adoptable dog,” Burttram explained.

Jan Burttram says the goal is to adopt out dogs as quickly as possible so they can bring new ones in, and the most adoptable dogs are the ones that can be trained.

“It’s kind of a fine line for us, we do what we can, but without animal control sometimes it does tie our hands,” she said.

Jeanne Amos says the county doesn’t even have a veterinarian in town.

Amos and other volunteers pay out of pocket for the facility and all it entails.

“We have vet bills, we have electrical bills, we water bills, we have the same kind of bills that most households have and it’s on a daily basis,” Amos explained.

The next fundraiser the shelter has is February 26th at Hickory Knob State Park.

They will be hosting a “Casino Royal” with dancing, games and an auction. You can call 864-391-2349, just leave your info for the tickets to the event.

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