Will There Be A Pickleball Under The Tree

(AUGUSTA,GA) This Christmas shopping season Alicia Madden is not thinking Pickleball.

“No I have no idea is it a real thing no I don’t I don’t know what a pickle ball is,” she said.

“When I first heard the name last June I said I don’t believe that, said Anne Sherman.

“Now you’re a convert.”

“I love it,” she answered.

This is Pickleball the game they are loving at the Wilson family Y; six months ago it was something they’ve never heard of.

“We found out about it in June we had somebody move here from Wisconsin he told us pickle ball was popular there we decided to try it and it’s taken off like wildfire,” said Anne Rheins who is one of organizers of  Pickleball at the Y.

The game is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong,

83 year old Anne Sherman is a player, hooked from day one.

“I was here almost on the first day they did it I just love it, it gets in your blood,” she said.

The game has really been a hit with the older players.

“I’m retired I try to stay in shape it’s one of the better habits I have instead of drinking beer all day,” said Roland Witherspoon.

But there’s a new generation of Pickleball players like 27 year old September Langley, but she says her crowd isn’t taking over yet from the veterans.

“No they totally no they run the courts most of the time they’re pretty good,” she said

There’s a ball but no pickles so why pickle ball credit the family that invented it.

“It’s named after a dog named Pickle who use to chase the balls when this family played this game in Washington,” said Rheins.

And maybe this year it’s what’s for Christmas.

Pickle ball? I said to Madden.

“No,” she said with a laugh, “no.”

“But when it comes to Pickleball they’re not sour at all at the Y.

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