Several Agencies Get Active Shooter Training

Glascock County, Ga. –  Georgia deputies preparing for the worst.
Law enforcement from several counties coming together in Glascock, learning what to do if an active shooter situation happens in our area.

“Put your hands up. Let me see your hand.”

Men in uniform putting their skills to the test. It may be a drill now, but they are training for what to do in case of an active shooter.

“It’s not about if or when, it’s about now,” said Chief Deputy Jeremy Kelley with the Glascock County Sheriff’s office. Kelley said this training has been in the works for three months. The new techniques more important than ever following the San Bernardino attacks.

Kelley said, “As law enforcement, we need to train for what is occurring now so we can be better prepared in the event of something happening.”

The man taking the lead is Robert Sawyer with Georgia State Patrol. He says these new techniques show every second counts.

“The longer he’s in there, the more lives he’s taking. The quicker we act, the less lives he’s taking, the more lives we’re saving,” said Sawyer.

Officers using classrooms in scenario training, three years after the Sandy Hook massacre.
As they pick up new techniques to save lives, we can help by using the “See Something, Say Something” method.

“You might think it’s minuscule, but it may be something in the grand scheme of things that really breaks a case open that could prevent a disaster and lives from being taken,” said Kelley.

This training is happening over two days.
A second class will go through the training starting on Wednesday.



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