Adoptions Up At Augusta Animal Shelter

Photo of the front of the Augusta Animal Services building in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of the front of the Augusta Animal Services building in Augusta, Georgia.

(AUGUSTA,GA) Jeremy Teahon was on a mission and one of these little guys could have a new home for the holidays.

“I was looking for a dog for my wife for Christmas come down here today to see what I can find,” he said.

Teahon had a lot of pets to pick from thousands enter the shelter every year but his year more have been getting out alive.

“We’ve been working very hard to increase the live release rate if you will trying to get more animals adopted trying to get more animals transferred into rescue groups more out alive,” says Kennel Operations Manager Priscilla Crisler

The odds are still against pets coming to the shelter but they’re getting better.

The euthanasia rate was 64 percent, but this year it’s dropped to 56 percent,

At the shelter less is more.

“We love it we just want it to continue,” said Crisler.

Adoptions have taken off at the Shelter.

Back in October, 65 dogs were flown to rescue groups up north and since then there’s been another 4 flights

It’s paying off, In 2014 almost 11 hundred pets were adopted or transferred to rescue groups from the shelter.

This year nearly 16 hundred.

“We’ve taken animals to Atlanta airport to be sent off we’ve sent them as far as Canada we’re sending animals internationally now and all across the United States it’s wonderful,” said Crisler.

New regulations are being debated that would require pet registration and licensing and people would pay more if their pets are not fixed some worry that will increase the number of pets being brought to the shelter but Crisler doesn’t think that will be the case.

One area where the numbers are not positive at the shelter is the rate of returned to owners.

The number is down from 409 last year to 375 so far this year this means fewer pet owners this in Augusta wanted to get their animals back after being contacted by the shelter.

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