Golden Apple: Joan Dalton

Golden Apple winner Joan Dalton

Joan Dalton is celebrating her 20th year in the classroom at Hillcrest Baptist.
“I started out as a parent teacher, then a substitute, and when a posiition came open, this is how I got in,” Dalton says.

Today her first graders are learning how to write, by playing Mr. Fix it.
“We get sentences on a little half sheet of paper, and the sentences are wrong. The kids have to figure out what’s wrong with the sentence, and sometimes it’s a group effort because we’re learning. It’s capitals, periods, mispelled words.”

Just another morning in a fun, productive learning environment.
“When I start getting bored, I know they’re bored. We’ll do exercises because I’ve got the wiggles and they need to get the wiggles out.”
“At the end of the day we have free time. We do lots of games, and all the games involve learning. Now that they know that, they might not do them anymore.”

Don’t worry Mrs. Dalton, they’ll keep playing, and learning. They love it in here because they have a teacher who treats them all as if they were her own.
“They become my family,” she says. “In fact when I go shopping and I pick up stuff, my husband asks ‘is this for your family or your other family?’ These kids are mine.”

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