Study: High school students prefer marijuana over cigarettes

Rica Madrid poses for a photograph as she smokes pot in her home on the first day of legal possession of marijuana for recreational purposes, Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015, in Washington. Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser defied threats from Congress by implementing a voter-approved initiative on Thursday, making the city the only place east of the Mississippi River where people can legally grow and share marijuana in private. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new study says high school seniors now prefer marijuana over cigarettes.

The group “Monitoring the Future” released their findings Wednesday.

This is the first time since the survey began in 1975 that daily marijuana use surpassed traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Six percent of 12th graders admitted to smoking marijuana every day, while 5.5 percent of seniors reported smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. That’s a drop from 2014, when 6.7 percent of high school seniors smoked cigarettes daily.

The perception of marijuana is also changing.

Almost 32 percent of seniors said they thought daily marijuana use could be harmful, whereas last year 36 percent felt it could be harmful.

Researchers said they feel fewer students think marijuana is dangerous because it’s sometimes prescribed for medicinal use.

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