Philadelphia Mayor Tells Aiken, SC Clinton Is The Woman For The White House

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter in Aiken to show support for Hillary Clinton.

Aiken, SC – Republican candidates have painted Aiken red with several stops, town hall meetings and political parties.  But Sunday morning, the mayor of a major U.S. city turned the South Carolina city blue in hopes of getting supporters for Hillary Clinton.

Nearly two months before South Carolina voters head to the polls for the primary election, they’re getting a break from the heard of Republicans stomping in Steeplechase town.

“Just spreading the news with regard to Hillary Clinton, why I support her for president and why others should,” said Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia.

The official Hillary Clinton supporter spoke with Democrats and others at Friendship Baptist Church in Aiken about why she is ready for the White House.

Mayor Nutter explained, “She is the most qualified candidate, ready from day one to lead this nation, but also make sure that we’re save internationally and on the streets of America.”

He told News Channel 6 he has supported the Secretary of State for a long time.

“Lawyer out of Yale.  Didn’t go to the big law firm,” he said.  “She went to the Children’s Defense Fund.  She’s been focused on children and families all of her career.  Excellent service as First Lady in Arkansas.  Excellent service as First Lady to President Bill Clinton and then a United States Senator in her own right.”

After Saturday night’s Democratic debate, he’s standing beside Clinton’s stance on Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“That kind of rhetoric is damaging to the international reputation of the United States of American.  Donald Trump is a reality TV show start.  He should stick to what he knows best.  He’s not ready for prime time,” Mayor Nutter said on Trump’s statement against allowing Muslims to enter the U.S.

Nutter spoke primarily about the importance of voting during his chat at the church. However, he also stressed defeating ISIS, both internationally and at home.  He said we need to work towards getting a better education for children and look into the re-entry program to give people a second chance.

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