Adding More Skills Could Get You Hired

Augusta, GA – The state unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it has been since 2008.  But there are still companies hiring and people out of work.

State labor officials announced Georgia’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.6 percent, its lowest level since March 2008.The rate is down from 6.7 percent from a year ago.  State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said that Georgia employers created 3,700 jobs in November, which helped drive the unemployment rate down.

News Channel 6 looked at what type of jobs are out there.  And what we found is there is a workforce ready to be hired, but those folks may not be skilled for the job.

You might be going shopping for the holidays or grabbing lunch with a friend when you notice that company is hiring.

Career Center Assistant Manager Michael Armstrong spoke with us at the Georgia Department of Labor on Green Street. He said, “I see some areas that employees are having trouble finding people.”

Armstrong sees a room full of people filing for unemployment, despite there being jobs available to them.  But he tells us it’s unlike the recession when there were mass layoffs.

“More people may be coming into the workforce that are looking for work versus people being laid off,” he said.

Armstrong also notes that many of the companies hiring have trouble locating people with those skill sets.

Jobs he said that pertains to are, “Maintenance mechanics, over the road truck drivers, CDL drivers.  We see a lot of nursing positions open.”

While people looking for work in The Peach State typically head to the labor office, Georgia is set to roll out a completely self-service process that puts jobs and resumes all online.  Visit that site here.

That means making a call to see if someone is hiring or walking inside of a business may be a thing of the past.   But Armstrong explained talking to people can still get you ahead.

“Maybe you have friends that work at a place or you have a contact you might can slide in the back door a little bit versus going through the normal channels of filling out the application,” he said.

Indeed. Com, which is a popular job searching site, has the jobs Armstrong mentioned too.

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