Damaged Roads and Major Flooding in Wilkes County, and More Could be on the way

Emergency Management crews have been hard at work in Wilkes County monitoring damaged roads and major flooding.

The northern part of the county saw around 5 inches of rain Monday night and early Tuesday morning and more could be on the way.

With more rain expected tonight, flooding will continue to be an issue.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency was in Wilkes County earlier today checking out some of the hardest hit areas.

Officials say the Northern part of Wilkes County had some of the most rainfall throughout the entire state of Georgia.

“If we get any rain tonight, and I hope we don’t, and I hope we don’t go to another county, but if we get anything we’re going to have some major issues in the morning, but we ready to go,” EMA/EMA director, Blake Thompson said.

Wilkes County EMA/ EMS Director Blake Thompson is hoping for no more rain after getting more than 5 inches Monday night.

Part of Newtown Road was completely washed out by 15 feet of water.

In other parts of the county drivers are fighting flooded roads, and even farm animals have been displaced by the massive amount of rainfall.

“We had five houses that was under water up to the front porch,” he explained.

Thompson says some of the bridges are 2 to 7 feet under water, and while much of the flooding has receded, more rain could be on the way.

“We’re monitoring them right now, we got people right on the roads right now, fire department, first responders, deputies, everybody has done a great job in Wilkes today,” he said.

He’s warning drivers to watch out for orange cones and road closures. He also wants people to know NOT to cross any roads that have standing water across the entire road.

Thompson encourages all Wilkes County residents to stay up to date with their Facebook page which is called “Wilkes County Georgia Emergency Services”.

You can stay up to date on weather in the CSRA by using our Live Viper 6 weather app and online at wjbf.com

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