New Pet Rules Would Require Owners To Cleanup

Photo of the front of the Augusta Animal Services building in Augusta, Georgia.
Photo of the front of the Augusta Animal Services building in Augusta, Georgia.

(AUGUSTA,GA )Jasper Thomas and his dog jack go everywhere together and Thomas doesn’t let Jack leave his calling card.

“I’m so use to that I make sure when I’m walking through my neighborhood I carry these little bags in my back pocket if they have some poop in my yard it’s not from my dog,” he said.

They ask you to clean up after your pet at the city dog park they even supply plastic bags dogs when a dog goes out they will do what they will do, but do pet owners take care of their pet’s business.

“Yes,” said Christina McNitt,

Do you think everybody should?

“Yes you don’t want to step in it,” she said.

“You don’t want to step in it it’s kind of nasty especially big dogs I have small dog so it’s kind of not as bad big dogs it can get disgusting,” said Amber Roberts who is from Augusta but now lives in Atlanta.

And to keep things less disgusting the new proposed pet ordinance

Would make every pet owner responsible for the immediate removal of their pet’s deposit on any public or private property, something members of the subcommittee say it’s needed.

“It’s just the right thing to do we’ve all been through stepping in it right and it doesn’t make us very happy it’s the right thing to do,” said Dorothy Williams.

But putting this into the city code could have pet owners facing citations and fines is this an area where the government needs to be involved in?

“I think it should be in place if you’re going to have a pet you should be responsible, said Thomas.

“Pet owners do it on their own,” said McNitt.

“You would rather not see a law?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Yes they should, because some people just won’t do it they won’t do it unless there’s a law and that’s a shame it’s a shame it has to be that way,” said Williams.

If the provision stays in the ordinance those violating it could face a misdemeanor, but enforcement could prove difficult the violation would have to happen in front of an animal control officer or be caught on video.

Commissioners have sent the subcommittee back to work to tweak the proposed regulations that’s expected to take place early next month.

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