State Could Tack On To Augusta’s Sales Tax Bill

SPLOST Phase 7 graphic
SPLOST Phase 7 graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA) Augusta leaders say they  want to work quickly on refunding  millions of dollars in sales taxes to the state or it could cost even more.

City leaders learned last week they owe the state up to seven million dollars in  sales taxes collected from a local business that was suppose to be exempt.

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle chairs the finance committee and says the city could face paying interest charges if it waits to long to reimburse the state.

“If we prolong this if we challenge it we’re going to get hit with a 12 percent interest and if you if you use the number seven million dollars it’s one point five million dollars so we’re going to have to address this quick,” says Guilfoyle.

Guilfoyle wants the city to reach out of other counties in Georgia that have also faced having to reimburse the state for sales tax collections to find out what course of action they took.

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