Last Minute Shoppers Typically Are Men

Men are main ones shopping on Christmas Eve.

Augusta, GA – In the last minute hustle you will find shoppers shuffling from store to store in search for holiday gifts.

“I had to pick up a last minute item for my daughter,” Jimmy Wren of Evans said while walking into Family Christian in Augusta.

Frank Albear was also shopping in Augusta.

“Doing last minute shopping,” he told News Channel 6.

You don’t even have to ask.  As you can see many of the last minute shoppers are men.

Jabbar Spencer told us he secures his special items for loved ones at the final hour every year.

“My girlfriend, I’m giving her a headphone set for her phone and a scarf,” Spencer said.

Albear wouldn’t admit it at first but he’s shopping too.

“Martini glasses and a kitchen rack at Home Goods and shoes.  She had to buy shoes,” Albear said of his wife.

The biggest question is why do men wait so late to jump in during the season of giving.

Wren added, “It’s not that we’re the last minute shoppers, but this is the time that we usually have off so we can go shop.”

Albear explained, “We work better under pressure.”

Yes, some women were shopping too right along with men so they are not alone.  And you can count on them to do it again next year.

“This is how I roll.” Alber added.

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