Wilkes County Residents Hoping Rain Will Stop

The Little River in Wilkes County, Georgia.

WILKES COUNTY, GA — Wilkes County is still dealing with flooding because of the rain the past few days.

The county has seen at least 7 inches of rain in the past two days alone.

“Storming. A lot of water running. Tearing the roads up. Flooding,” Willie Perkins said.

We asked Terry Lell if she has ever seen this rain.

Lell responded, “No. Not since I’ve been here and I’ve been here almost 8 years.”

A lot of roads have been closed the past few days because of overflowing creeks, including Gordon Street, which looks like it could cave in at any moment.

“Oh, my goodness… one night it rained so much. I think that’s the night there was like 2 and a half or 3 inches of rain in one night,” Lell said.

Then there’s Newtown Road, which you cannot cross because the road has washed away.

The condition of the road gets worse each day.

No word on when it will be repaired.

“Yesterday, I was coming through the bypass over there and it was like a waterfall or something coming down the side of the road in the ditch. I’ve never seen so much rain,” David Moore said.

At the county line of Wilkes County and McDuffie County, you can really get a better understanding of how much rain Wilkes County has had over the past several days by taking a look at the Little River, which is flowing faster and high than it usually does.

And upstream, the water that runs under this railroad bridge is usually 8 feet wide, but after the storms, it’s several hundred feet wide.

On Wednesday, several houses were dealing with flooding.

Now, the people of Wilkes County are hoping the rain will stop for Christmas.

“It’s been so rainy the last couple of days before our Christmas vacation that I couldn’t work because of the rain. I work outside at a rock quarry and it’s been a lot of rain,” Moore said.

Wilkes County officials want to remind people not to drive through any standing water or flowing water on roadways as it may look shallow, but could be much deeper.

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