Scuttle’s Island Official Says Memorial Day Opening Still Expected

Scuttle's Island logo graphic
Scuttle's Island logo graphic

North Augusta, SC (WJBF) – As 2015 comes to an end, some of you may wonder about the proposed Scuttle’s Island water park planned for 2016 in North Augusta.

Right now, Scuttle’s Island is still expected to open Memorial Day weekend.

Andrew Thompson is one of the 11 members with Cedar Rock Holdings, LLC. He says construction hasn’t begun because they’re submitting the final site plan components to the city.

Residents expressed concerns with noise and storm water run-off since the announcement in September, but Thompson says they modified the layout and added standing bodies of water for collection. He says they want to be a good neighbor. “The number of slides, the number of attractions, the length of the wave pool, the length of the lazy river, the number of restaurants, that’s all the same. We kind of jostled them around a bit within the interior but it’s the exterior, the infrastructure if you will, the support areas that were seriously modified.”

Thompson says the $25 million project will not be taking advantage of the city’s small no-interest loan. He says, investors will cover the entire cost of the water park.

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