Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution By Easing Into A New Lifestyle

New year, new you!

EVANS, GEORGIA – New year, new you! Getting fit in the new year is always a popular New Year’s Resolution.

Once the reality of making a complete lifestyle change sets in many people drop their resolution. WJBF News Channel 6’s Stefany Bornman breaks down ways to keep your New Year’s goal going for the entire year. Many people started 2016 by hitting the gym on Friday, but local personal trainers say there’s typically a surge of new gym memberships at the beginning of each year.

New year, new you!
New year, new you!

“We have anywhere from 1 to 2,000 members that like to join within the first three months. It falls off a little bit after about a three months standpoint. Just because people get in here. Get a little afraid and aren’t sure what exactly to do.” Cary Powell, Personal Training Director, told WJBF News Channel 6.

New year, new you!
New year, new you!

Powell says it’s not just about coming in and trying to lose those extra pounds.  “It’s a whole lifestyle change,” he said. Getting into a repetitive cycle “I’m just going to come in and get on cardio equipment and then go home,”  is usually why people quit going to the gym.

“They get really bored with it and they don’t see the results they want to see. So they blame it on that and they end up falling off around the three month period.” Powell said.

So this year, knock out your fitness resolution by following the personal trainers tips.

Start working out and build up to 30 minute workouts. A week after that “maybe you throw in a little bit of cardio that next time,” Powell added. Then consider your personal intake “hey, you know what? It’s time to start working on my diet.” Powell says by taking the lifestyle change slowly you can’t fail.

“Ease yourself in. It’s like a hot tub. You don’t just jump in all at one time. You soak that toe for a little bit and slowly step down in it as you go along.” Powell told WJBF News Channel 6.

The personal trainer also adds, an important part of sticking to your resolution is having the right support group. There are plenty of options in the CSRA, so be sure to research what’s best for you.

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