Your Hometown Stories: Hickory Hill Farm


These are some of the happiest cows on earth and they live at Hickory Hill Dairy Farm in Edgefield South Carolina. Hickory Hill farm makes natural, non-homogenized milk, buttermilk and the best chocolate milk you’ve ever tasted. The farm is a family run business and has been for years.

“Hickory Hill has been in our family since 1764 and my grandparents started the dairy farm 65 years ago. Lisa and I made the decision about 7 years ago to start processing plant and we have been blessed thanks to the people around the CSRA to sell milk direct to the consumer.”

Watson Dorn and his wife Lisa run the family farm and have two children, son Daniel who is attending Clemson University and is a trainer for the Clemson Tiger football team and daughter Courtney will start at Anderson College in a few months.

On this 650 plus acres of land, over 200 Holstein cows are allowed to roam free in rye grass pastures 365 days a year. The cows are milked twice a day, every day for over 65 years. The cows are happy, carefree and the milk they produce is healthy and so is the way the Dorn’s package the milk.

“Our milk, the cream rises to the top just like God intended for it to but you have to shake it up to mix the cream back in”

The assortment of milk can be found in stores all over the CSRA like Earth Fare, Fresh Market and Bi-Lo.

The farm produces 1,500 gallons of milk per day and 8,000 gallons per week. Some of that milk is used to make the already famous Clemson Blue Cheese. The milk travels in this truck right to the University to make the special cheese. Two years ago, Hickory Hill Farm was asked to take over the management of the production and distribution of Clemson Blue Cheese.

“It’s such a blessing because we feel we have a wholesome product, we have a family closeness, and it’s just wonderful to be able to do this”

The Dorn family as I mentioned, both graduated from Clemson and are huge Tiger fans and a very superstitious about the number 15 which they have recognized.

“In our family, this has been a really lucky number, I graduated may 15th, got married on June 15th, Watson’s birthday is July 15th, mine is August 15th, Courtney graduated may 2015, I’m a CPA so April 15th, it’s just about it. So 2015 is our year. If we win 15 we will be the national champs so we are all about that 15”

In Edgefield, SC for your hometown stories, I’m John Lynn, WJBF news channel 6.

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