Make Sure bugs Aren’t Taking Over Your Home

This photo provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) shows a feeding female Anopheles stephensi mosquito crouching forward and downward on her forelegs on a human skin surface, in the process of obtaining its blood meal through its sharp, needle-like labrum, which it had inserted into its human host. California researchers hatch malaria-resistant mosquitoes and use a groundbreaking technology to ensure the insects pass on the protective gene as they reproduce. It has implications far beyond fighting malaria. (James Gathany/CDC via AP)

With all of the rain we’ve had in the CSRA, insects are looking for a new place to live, and it could be your home.

When it rains a lot bugs try to get to higher and dryer grounds. Don’t find yourself with a new unwanted roommate.

Here are some tips to keep your home pest free.

Prevention is the best method, because once they get into your home it’s much harder to get rid of them.

Ants leave a scent trail, so when one comes in, others will follow.

Make sure to seal up cracks, don’t leave food lying around and wipe up any moisture you find.

“We want to get away from any brush, any foliage, trees, keep them trimmed back and off the home, make sure that you can eliminate moisture areas around the home, all insects are going to be attracted to moist areas,” exterminator, Duane Dunbar with Arrow Exterminators said.

If you find you have an infestation the best thing to do is to call an exterminator, because trying to get rid of them yourself could make the infestation worse.

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