Sheriff Roundtree Applauds President’s Executive Order

Sheriff Richard Roundtree

AUGUSTA — The Richmond County sheriff says he will spend his 4th year in office working to lower gun violence.

Richard Roundtree has been working to lower violent crimes since he took office.

In fact, violent crime numbers are down 32% from 2012.

Homicides are down 41%.

The sheriff says he applauds President Obama’s executive order on gun control to prevent shootings.

“I think it brings to the forefront something that we’ve been trying for the last 3 years. It brings national attention to a problem that we’ve seen since we’ve been in office. My guys, the boots on the ground, they see it every day. One of the challenges that we have, especially with our younger generation, to let them know that guns are not toys and death is certain,” Roundtree said.

The sheriff says he wants to try to break the culture that having a gun is a must-have for certain local neighborhoods.

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