Today’s Headlines on Good Morning Augusta


The Powerball Prize continues to grow. It rose from $800 million to $900 million earlier this week. Numbers were drawn on Saturday, but no one picked the lucky numbers.

Now, lottery administrators say it is set to rise to $1.3 billion by the next drawing on Wednesday.

The whopping prize is the largest jackpot in Powerball history.

A Georgia Uber driver is facing charges after a passenger says she was assaulted.

Clarke County police say John Kamens was arrested last month when he picked up a woman from an Athens restaurant.

Reports indicate he burglarized the woman’s home and sexually assaulted her. Kamens is now charged with aggravated sodomy and first degree burglary.

Police say they tracked down Kamens with the help of the victim and Uber, the ride-sharing service.

Closer to home, Richmond County Sheriff, Richard Roundtree says he plans to spend his 4th year in office working to lower gun violence.

Roundtree has been working to lower violent crimes since he took office. In fact, violent crime numbers are down 32-percent from 2012, homicides are down 41-percent.

The sheriff says he applauds President Barack Obama’s executive order on gun control to prevent shootings.

The Richmond County sheriff’s office will receive it’s national accreditation on Monday. The commission on accreditation for law enforcement agencies will make the presentation monday at 1:30 in the conference room.

Republican Presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio was in Aiken on Saturday.

Hundreds packed the Western Carolina State Fair Grounds to hear the Senator’s platform.
From the moment Rubio took the stage he made point after point.

Sharing many stories that related back to his points, including his personal ties to immigration, national security, and repealing Obamacare for a system that allows the PEOPLE to decide their healthcare NOT the government.

Rubio running on the platform of starting a NEW AMERICAN CENTURY says he wants to embrace the original principles that made American great in the past.

The Richmond County Board of Education is hosting a meeting about the Murphey Middle and Josey High School.

Last week we told you about Josey possibly having to change it’s name, but board members say this is not true.

Monday education leaders plan to talk about the two schools becoming one. The meeting begins at 6 at the office on Broad Street.

It’s a part of the Richmond County “right-sizing” project and scheduled to happen by 2017.

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