Judge Rules In Marshall Square Retirement Resort Hearing

Marshall Square fire (Photo Courtesy: Barry Patterson)
Marshall Square fire (Photo Courtesy: Barry Patterson)

Columbia County, GA (WJBF) – The judge presiding over the Marshall Square Retirement Resort hearing announced his ruling Monday.

The ruling follows an initial hearing held last week on whether the residents’ items were sold as collateral to a demolition company soon after the fire.

Judge Carl Brown appointed Freddy Sanders who is a special investigator or receiver to look into whether the personal items were sold by Marshall Square.

Marshall Square residents tell us they were pleased with the outcome, even though it’s just one small, initial step.

Judge Brown also ruled that the company must turn over all photos taken of the units and building to help residents compile lists of lost property, as well as ruling in favor of the injunction that prevents Marshall Square from doing anything else to dispose of any remaining property.

“My father is glad the that the discovery is expedited. Tell them how old you are daddy,” Caryl Pender, said to her father, Charles Moye, who is a former Marshall Square resident. “I will soon be 95 and I got to get something done within the next ten years, anyway. So I’m just hoping it will come around soon,” he said.

For its part, Marshall Square released a statement, last week, in which the company that they “look forward to presenting the facts in open court relative to Marshall Square’s efforts to preserve and return resident’s property…”

We will continue to follow the Marshall Square developments and provide the latest details as they become available.

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