Richmond County School Leaders Get Ready For Merger Meeting

Richmond County Schools graphic
Richmond County Schools graphic

Augusta, GA – School leaders are meeting with parents Monday night about the planned merger of Josey High and Murphey Middle Schools. The meeting comes after an Internet petition surfaced last week to prevent Josey from changing its name.  But a member of the committee told us it was miscommunication, and a spokesperson for the school board said the name will not change.

Merging middle school students with those youth attending high school can be scary for parents.  That’s exactly what’s happening when the two schools consolidate after next school year.

Kaden Jacobs, a spokesman for the board said, “We understand the concerns of parents.  We recognize that there is an age gap between sixth graders and 12th graders.”

News Channel 6 spoke with Jacobs about how administrators have been easing parents’ fears about the merger.

“Lunch times will be adjusted and things like that.  It’s not just everybody running amuck.  We’re going to make sure that it’s really well thought out. And the best kind of educational opportunity for all the students involved,” Jacobs said.

We spoke with Superintendent Angela Pringle back in August.  She too stressed the separation and told us the merger would actually be beneficial.

Pringle explained, “I can have a high school teacher walk around the coroner and offer a high school math class to those middle school students.”

The merger committee is another big piece of the process in addition to administration.  Those members will speak to the specifics.

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