Travel Budget Proposal Questioned

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

(AUGUSTA,GA) What to do with the The Commission travel budget is going back before city leaders.

The proposal is to split the 29 thousand dollar travel budget equally among the ten commissioners.

It also allows members to give their  travel allocation to another member if needed.

But some suggest that could open the door for using the travel dollars to influence votes on the commission.

“Is there an ethical question here?”

We asked Commissioner Marion Williams.

“I don’t know if it could used to buy votes people are swapping and sharing now I just thing it’s wrong to designate any amount of money if we’re going to go to training we need to go to the training but if it’s my money or another commissioners money I’m not going to let you use mine  I don’t think we can do that I think somebody thought they had a good idea it turned out to be a bad one,” said Williams.

=The commission Administrative Services committee will try and settle the travel budget issue at its meeting on Tuesday.

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