We Asked Augusta’s Elected Officials About Pay Raises

(AUGUSTA,GA) It’s not a step Cicily Youmans thinks should be made, handing out raises to Augusta’s elected officials.

“If they’re not doing a job to benefit us and they’re not doing it adequately I don’t think they need a raise,” she said.

Commissioners wanted state lawmakers to review the elected official’s salaries and decide on raises but lawmakers say they want the elected officials to first make a written request.

“It’s the exact same thing I had to do as solicitor, It’s a very simple letter that says I am requesting a salary increase and what the reason is and that’s what we are requesting,” said State Senator Harold Jones.

The Tax Commissioner is one of the cities elected officials but he has no plans to send a raise letter.

“For me it’s just something I haven’t thought about I think as we evaluate how others around the state are being paid perhaps that is something people will look at but frankly I think I get paid pretty well to do what I do now,” said Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick.

We asked same question of other elected officials.

Would you be willing wanting to write a letter to the delegation saying the Marshal’s Office needs a raise, we asked Marshal Steve Smith

“I don’t know if I’m ready to say that right now,” said Smith.

“No one has even approached me about it no legislator has come to me asking my opinion about it I see how the conversation and discussions goes forward be but right now that’s not one of my priorities,” said Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

Taxpayers provide the money for elected official’s salaries, they’re also voters and this is an election year and some taxpayers would not support an elected official who was on record seeking a pay raise.

“No sir,” “I wouldn’t,” said Youmans.

It would affect how you vote,”

Yes sir it would,” she said.

State representative Brian Price isn’t sure about any pay raises saying they would be an unfunded mandate if the delegation approves
Representative Wayne Howard who chairs the delegation said if there are pay raises they  would not  take affect this year because they would impact the city budget.

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