Mayor Davis States Goals In State Of The City Address

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA) Mayor Hardie Davis admitted there were missteps in his first year in office but said that’s not what the members of the exchange club came to hear.

“Folks are very excited about where we are and the potential that lies ahead it’s time we move beyond the potential of action, said Davis.

The Mayor says there was action in Augusta 2015 for example 300 million dollars’ worth of Industrial expansion, but some in this audience worry about Augusta’s future growth.

“I’ve been really concerned about Columbia County some people somehow residential people are moving out there industry is going out there,” said Billy Thompson a member of the Augusta Exchange Club.

The mayor shares that concern and he says with the coming of cyber command one of his goals for this year is what he’s calling smart housing smart neighborhoods to make Augusta a better place for families.

“When you look at the fact that over the last several years we haven’t had substantial population growth part of our ability to stem the tide of that is providing folks with the same quality type of construction here in Augusta Georgia,” said Davis.

Here is another goal for the mayor a focus on revitalization the Gordon Highway from Fort Gordon Gate One to Deans Bridge Road.

“That’s where we have to make strategic investments at long term when folks move into Augusta Georgia we need to make sure our major thoroughfares are vibrant places that are doing business where people are living,” said the Mayor.

The Mayor’s plans scored with some commissioners.

“That’s exactly what we need to be focused on economic development especially when he talked about south Augusta the Gordon Highway entrance into Fort Gordon into cyber command that needs to be a focus and I’m glad he’s talking about that,” said Commissioner Mary Davis who attended the meeting.

Davis called the passage of SPLOST 7 In November another was of the successes of 2015 saying it was something the community came together to accomplish.



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