Aiken Leaders Look at new ways to fix a Very Popular and Dangerous Road

Aiken, SC

Growing pains in Aiken, as the area continues to grow city and county leaders are working to make a popular road safer for everyone.

After talking with several Aiken locals it seems that Whiskey road is not only a very popular road but a very dangerous one.

Already in 2016 there have been 14 wrecks. In 2015 there were a total of 337 accidents on this one stretch of road alone.

These are only the wrecks that the Aiken Department of Public Safety investigated.

“It’s just a mess there is no other way to say it,” County Administrator, Clay Killian said.

It’s been years since Whiskey road has seen any upgrades and there’s never been a traffic study performed on this dangerous stretch of road involving the City of Aiken, County, and New Ellention. Yet it continues to be the most traveled road in Aiken.

“It’s been an issue of course I was born in Aiken and whiskey road has always been an issue as far back as I can remember,” County Council member, Andrew Siders explained.

Aiken native Andrew Siders knows growth in this area is only speeding up.

“The problem is not going away, and you have more and more businesses wanting to move to that area, because it’s such a popular area and because of the traffic count,” Siders explained.
Some of the issues that drivers face include; standing water from drainage issues, traffic, and no lighting along the side of the road, which can lead to a deadly outcome.

County Administrator, Clay Killian says the county, city of Aiken and city of New Ellenton, along with the state is working to get a traffic study done on the area.

“We’re going to study it from South Boundary City of Aiken is going to participate all the way through the City of New Ellenton down 278,” he explained.

He hopes this will give them a road map to fixing Whiskey Road, but as always there is one big issue that stands in the way.

“Money is always an issue we think the funding for the study is there and we’re going to get that done,” Killian said.

Killian says the idea is that if any recommendations come from the study leaders will look at those and if the study gets done by the summer of 2017 then they can start planning for the next round in sales tax which is 2018 to include repairs for Whiskey Road.

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