Golden Apple: Trina Berry

Mrs. Berry teaches healthy habits at Southside Elementary School

When you’re in Trina Berry’s P.E. class, you’d better be ready to move.
“I’m teaching the students about good eating habits and keeping active,” Mrs. Berry says. “Teaching them different games and skills that they want to do. And when they do that, they’re burning calories and keeping their bodies healthy.”

And Coach Berry is a teacher who practices what she preaches.
“I enjoy learning about different foods and I just like fitness.”

Speaking of preaching, Coach Berry is inspired to teach her lessons, and impact these students in other ways.
“My husband’s a pastor and I believe that you’re ordained to do certain jobs. And listening to children, and seeing what they need, is part of that. Anybody involved in education needs to have that gift. Whether they’re elementary children, or high school children, they need someone who’s going to listen, and at times be on their side, but yet be stern and strong for them.”

And as long as she keeps teaching, she’ll keep reaping the rewards of being such a positive force in so many young lives.
“I get the joy of when they’re older coming back and saying ‘you were my P.E. coach.’.” Just the joy of seeing them succeed academically, because being physically fit also helps with cognitive learning.,” she says. “Just seeing them every day, it really brings a joy to my life.”

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