Gun Show Comes To Town Following Obama’s Executive Order Announcement

Gun show vendors say Obama's Executive Order should not affect them.

Columbia County, GA – The Eastman gun show is happening in Columbia County this weekend. The event has been in the Peach State for about 30 years.  Last week, you may remember President Barack Obama made an Executive Order on gun control.  The change intends to tighten up gun laws and keep weapons out of criminals’ hands.  People attending the event agree background checks could be better, but they believe bad guys are not getting guns the legal way.

“Criminals are going to get weapons regardless, you could sit there and put any sanction you want on anything and they still have a way to get it. But they’re still doing background checks here at this gun show so I mean in a way you can’t get away from it in the state of Georgia,” said Patterson Grant, a vendor.

The Eastman Gun Show is being held at the Columbia County Exhibition Center.  Doors open at 10:00 a.m. Check out the official website here.

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