Golden Apple: La’Shicka Rouse-Williams

Golden Apple Winner Lashicka Williams

La’Shicka Rouse-Williams is using superheroes to teach her Tutt Middle School students about saving the environment.
“There are 3 environmental issues that we were working on: air pollution Mexico, Venezuela-oil pollution, and deforestation in Brazil,” she says. “So, in order to make it come alive, we are using our favorite super hero to stop the environmental issue.”
Ms. Williams is also big on using social media and the latest technology to teach her lessons.
“So I incorporate Facebook. I have a Facebook template, if we are talking about famous people in Social Studies, they have to create a Facebook profile based on what they have learned about the particular person.”
And Williams just had to become a Social Studies teacher. She’s been so good at it for her whole life.
“I had the highest average in Social Studies from elementary school to high school,” she says. “I enjoyed Social Studies. I tell the kids, they’re making history each and every day. Even when it comes down to their clothing, their shoes. Someone in history created that clothing and those shoes for us to have.”
Way to go La’Shicka Rouse-Williams. Teaching a subject she loves and reaping the reward of watching her students succeed.
“What I get out of it is the love and the foundation that the kids grow to love Social Studies. They come and tell me ‘we need to do this next time.’ I learn from the kids as well.”

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