Battle-tested ARC just two games from perfect region season

ARC boys basketball is running away with 5A, Region 2A with a perfect 9-0 region record. The Musketeers are winners of 13-straight games and can round out a perfect region schedule if it can win its final two games against Cross Creek and Lakeside.

The run hasn’t come without some close wins in region play though. Including, a five-point win over Greenbrier and hard-fought 10-point victory over Grovetown last night. Coach Steve Nobles uses a great analogy as to why the close victories are a good thing for his team.

“Assistant Coach Arnet, brought something to [the team’s] attention last time,” Nobles said. “You get squeeze a lemon, you’re gonna find out what comes out of it. We’re getting squeezed now against Lakeside, against Grovetown and we’re gonna find out what comes out of us. And we’ve prevailed both times, so we feel like we’ve got some pretty character that’s being squeezed out of us.”


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