Augusta Will Not Make Sales Tax Refund Payment

SPLOST Phase 7 graphic
SPLOST Phase 7 graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA Augusta commissioners will not follow the direction of the school board when it comes to a sales tax refund to an Augusta company.

The school board approving a two point two million dollar payment to the company to make up for the state collecting too much in sales taxes.

The city on the other hand will not make a direct payment and will allow the state to deduct form Augusta’s monthly collections. City officials say that will not have a major impact on projects.

On the SPLOST it won’t because it just delays it out by one month and the projects that are on the SPLOST on the tail end of SPLOST VI the funding will be in there 30 days later instead of 30 days before,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle, who chairs the Finance Committee.

SPLOST six was a dollar amount sales tax, collections will stop when the city hits 184.7 million dollars it was not a five year SPLOST.

City Administrator Janice Jackson says the city is still negotiations so the full final financial hasn’t been determined.

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