Woman says Flooding in her Home led to Mold, Extensive Damage and Safety Hazards

One woman is making a plea for help after her apartment flooded overnight.

She says the water has created several problems including mold and safety hazards and management refuses to fix it.

Connie Allen has lived at Oxford Glenn Apartments for almost 4 years with zero problems until two weeks ago.

She says water has been seeping in through her ceiling from her neighbor’s washer and dryer upstairs.

The water has ruined several of her personal things, messed up electrical outlets, and led to mold growth.

She was able to show us some of the damage before we were kicked out by management.

“They moved everything and just put everything in the middle of the floor, and my carpet is wet and they are using my electricity to dry up the floor, but it’s still has that mildew smell, and everything is like damaged,” Allen walked us around her apartment.

Allen showed us around her apartment in a state of disarray after maintenance came in and attempted to soak up some of the water, but puddles still remain on her kitchen floor and the carpet is still soaking wet.

She showed us where mold was starting to grow. She says her fire alarm doesn’t work anymore either.

While walking around Allen’s apartment we were interrupted by the leasing manager.

We were only on the property at Oxford Glenn Apartments for maybe 5 minutes before the leasing manager told us we had to leave. We told him our reasoning for being there and that we were allowed to be inside Allen’s residence, but he continued to tell us to get off the property.

We also asked the leasing manager if and when he planned to fix Allen’s apartment, he said “it’s been taken care of,” but Allen says it hasn’t.

We then moved the interview back to our station.

“My stuff started being damaged and it’s like they don’t care, like they’ll be quick to put you out the apartment when you’re late on rent, they’re real quick about evicting you, but when it’s time to do stuff that they need to do with the apartment, they take their time and I feel like they don’t care,” she explained.

Allen says the problem has become so bad she’s now looking for another place live.

“I have to buy candles and incense to get that smell out from the last time and now I have to do the same thing again,” Allen said.

We called the cooperate office for Oxford Glenn Apartments and left a message but we have not heard back. We asked the leasing manager if he cared to comment and he declined.

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