Aiken County Encourages Residents to Sign up for Smart 911 Safety Profiles

Aiken County, SC (WJBF) – Aiken County is pushing residents to sign up for a program that could save their life.

Smart lets people create a safety profile in case of an emergency, and Aiken offers this to all residents free.

This extremely simple website could make the difference between life and death, but only 1,700 people in Aiken County are using it.

So what would you do if you could plan for an emergency? Well, Smart lets you do just that.

“You’re putting information in there that you would want emergency responders to have if you have to call 911, because when you call you may not be able to give all of that information, you may be in a panic,” Cherie Moritz, with GeoServices, in Aiken County, explained. She adds that not enough people are taking advantage of this system.

Moritz says Smart 911 has proven to shave minutes off EMS response times.

“If you choose to you can put medical information, pets, what floor your bedroom is on, you can even put photographs of yourself, and your family. You can put a floor plan of your house, a gate code or anything,” Moritz said.

Moritz says her profile includes her most important possessions.

“I’m a dog lover, I have 5 dogs and every single one of my dogs and my cat have their picture in my smart 911 profile. If my house was burning the firefighters would know who was there who should be rescued,” she explained.

This software is now being offered to businesses in the area as well.

Moritz says this is going to be a big year for Smart 911 and she hopes everyone will hop on board, because you may not need it, until it’s too late.

“Just last year we had over 250 times where someone called 911 and their Smart 911 profile popped up on the screen,” she concluded.

You don’t have to be an Aiken resident to sign up for this website. If you visit Aiken a lot you can also sign up just in case of an emergency. Just go to

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