Golden Apple: Julie Ferrara

Golden Apple Winner Julie Ferrara

Windsor, S.C.

Julie Ferrara knew she wanted to teach kindergarten when she was in college.
“I did an experience in a kindergarten classroom and enjoyed it immensely,” she says. “The children were wonderful. They were so bright-eyed and eager to learn.”

And 22 years later, they’re still enthusiastic about education.  That’s because Mrs. Ferrara keeps her Oakwood-Windsor Elementary students excited about each lesson.
“I believe that if you always introduce your stories and your shared reading in class with enthusiasm and you act out and portray the stories and believe it what you’re doing as you teach, it conveys to the students, and they are inspired to learn.”
There is so much to learn during their few months in here.  Mrs. Ferrara sees lots of changes.
“From maybe learning their colors, to going to words. And from just knowing letters, and moving on to read by the end of the year.”
Julie Ferrara does such a wonderful job with her kids. But they aren’t the only ones who benefit.  Her rewards from this job keep her coming back year after year.
“I still have many challenges and many students that come in and motivate me everyday to do my job and to teach them all the things that they need to know,  I think every day is a new experience in kindergarten. It’s always fun and exciting.  We always have interesting things that happen throughout the day and lots of learning that takes place. And it’s wonderful to see the children learn something that they haven’t learned before and to carry that on with them through the rest of their school years.”

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