New Job Won’t Keep Traffic Engineer Away From Masters

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

(AUGUSTA,GA) A new job for Augusta’s traffic Engineer– he’s taken over as head of the Columbia County Engineering Services Department.

Steve Cassell has been with the city of Augusta nearly ten years and one of his biggest jobs every year has been developing the traffic plan for the Masters.

That job will be different this year because of the Berckmans Road realignment

Though Cassell –will– be on the job in Columbia County Masters week, he tells us his new bosses will allow him to again coordinate traffic for the tournament.

“I’ve put a lot into that over the last ten years a lot of blood sweat and tears trial and error and frustration and I know there’s going to be a transition and they have allowed me the availability to do that both leading up and during the week it’s a big event not just for Augusta but also the region and the state,” said Cassell.

Cassell says his last day with the city of Augusta will be March second. He adds– this way he will be on the job for the official opening of Berckmans Road February 29th.

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