Your Hometown Stories: Springfield Village Park


Downtown Augusta is full of rich history dating back to the early 1800’s. But one historic park goes almost unnoticed but is really a sight to see

Back in February 2002 this 2.5 acre park was built to commemorate the Springfield Baptist Church, the oldest active African-American church in America.

This park celebrates the legacy and aspirations of the historic Church, and provides a landscaped setting for two important sculptures by Richard Hunt. The highlight of the park is the “Tower of Aspiration,” a 45-foot stainless steel sculpture, the second, at the base of the tower is called “and they went down both into the water,” it’s a 20-foot high bronze sculpture and fountain which symbolizes the baptism in the Savannah River. The fountain represents a source and strength of the congregation. The park also has water features, walkways and informational plaques.

The park was designed by Thomas O. Ramsey and took only a short time to build. It’s somewhat of a strange sight at first but it’s beauty and strength go hand in hand with Springfield Baptist Church that has been around since 1844.

Springfield Village Park has many visitors year round, local events are held there, and the park even has it’s own face book page.

It is simply a work of art, and it’s in your hometown. For your hometown stories, I’m John Lynn, WJBF, News Channel 6.


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