How They Fared: WJBF Staff Super Bowl 50 Picks

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Super Bowl 50 has come and gone.

Below, see the picks, the final score predictions and some…um…interesting explanations behind those picks from the WJBF News team:

ed-bloodsworthEd Bloodsworth (Good Morning Augusta Meteorologist)

Panthers 31, Broncos 17

Stefany Bornman (Reporter)

Broncos 39, Panthers 18

“Because my Dad raised a Peyton Manning fan! GO BRONCOS!”

margaret-ann-carterMargaret-Ann Carter (Reporter)

No Pick

renetta-duboseRenetta DuBose (Reporter)

No Pick

george-eskolaGeorge Eskola (Senior Reporter)

Panthers 24, Broncos 20

“Broncos’ D keeps it close but there will be just enough Cam to carry the day. In this case, ‘a little dab’ll do ya.'”

john-hartJohn Hart (5:30pm and 10pm Anchor)

Team From Charlotte 24, Broncos 17

“Despite how much I despise the Team From Charlotte, I will enjoy the fact that, in an otherwise up-and-down season, my Falcons kept them from making NFL history. #RiseUp”

chris-kaneChris Kane (Good Morning Augusta Anchor)

Panthers 20, Broncos 17

“MVP: Fernando Velasco”

john-lynnJohn Lynn (Weekend Meteorologist)

Panthers 35, Broncos 17

“I dislike Cam and Peyton due to their SEC ties, but I would like Carolina to win and state that WE (Falcons) beat the Super Bowl champs! RISE UP!”

brad-meansBrad Means (5pm, 6pm and 11pm Anchor)

Panthers 42, Broncos 21

“College football needs to get here soon!”

mike-millerMike Miller (Weekend 6pm, 10pm and 11pm Anchor)

Panthers 24, Broncos 14

“I was hoping for Patriots 14, Panthers 10”

jennie-montgomeryJennie Montgomery (5pm, 6pm and 11pm Anchor)

Panthers 28, Broncos 17

“CAROLINA PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

mary-morrisonMary Morrison (Good Morning Augusta Anchor)

Panthers 32, Broncos 25

“I’m told that’s a weird score.”

george-myersGeorge Myers (Chief Meteorologist)

Broncos 35, Panthers 30

“Peyton Manning will drink from the fountain of youth.”

kevin-niewoodKevin Niewood (Good Morning Augusta Weekend Meteorologist)

Broncos 24, Panthers 17

nathan-palmNathan Palm (Weekend Sports Anchor)

Panthers 24, Broncos 20

“And I’m taking the over on Archie Manning being shown more than 1.5 times during the broadcast. Easy money, folks!”

kim-scottKimberely Scott (5:30 and 10pm Anchor)

Panthers 45, Broncos 30

“Newton will make one touchdown.”

matt-zahnMatt Zahn (Sports Director)

Panthers 27, Broncos 20

“After some serious analysis I can safely give my prediction for Super Bowl 50: Kevin Durant’s total points Saturday night will be at least seven more than Peyton Manning’s total completions.”


Let us know in our web poll below who you think will win?

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