Augusta EMA Urges People to sign up for The Notification System

boil water

Richmond County grocery stores are struggling to keep clean water on the shelves.

One business that has not been affected by the water advisory is the Kroger on Washington Road.

The store manager tells us they are prepared to supply as much water as needed tonight. Workers hustled around the clock getting in and stocking up water today.

If you’re looking for ice then you can find plenty of that here as well. The store is open 24 7 so if you’re in need, then you’re in luck

We spoke with shoppers earlier who said they didn’t realize how much water they used on a daily basis until now.

“It’s been a struggle trying to figure out how I’m going to wash my hair tonight. Also I didn’t realize how much water I use on a daily basis not even for drinking,” Summer Sheppard said.

Shopper, Summer, Sheppard says she went through a gallon of water just brushing her teeth, washing her hands and doing dishes.

A huge chunk of Richmond County is under a boil water advisory that went into effect Tuesday afternoon, but many people didn’t find out until Wednesday morning or later.

Which is why EMA director Mie Lucas is taking this time to urge residents to sign up for the emergency notification system.

“Even though we’ve been promoting it since 2010 people think oh I’ll just do that later, it’s not important right now, and then when an emergency happens they’re concerned about what information they’re getting,” Lucas said.

This system allows EMA to call and text you when there is an emergency situation in your area.

“We reached out to 31,000 people yesterday and said there is a boil water advisory that is certainly not all of our community we want more people to sign up for our alerts,” she explained.

You can sign up for on our website at One there head to the emergency management page and clock the link titles public sign up. This link will take you to another page where you’ll enter your phone number, address information and you can out in multiple phone numbers for an address.

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