Parents Share Concerns About How Richmond County School Closure Went Down

Richmond Co Schools Closed - Wednesday February 10th

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Schools throughout Richmond County shut the doors to make sure students remained safe.  It’s the time of the decision that caused concern for some parents we spoke with.

A lot of parents are asleep at 11 o’clock at night.  Some are still asleep at 4:00 am.  But that’s the time Richmond County School Spokesman Kaden Jacobs said they technically have to inform media about a closing.

Nicholas Tillman described his Wednesday morning.

“Actually, I took them to school.  I pulled up at the front door.”

The Deer Chase Elementary School father thought today was just like any other school day.

“They said they called, but I never received the call,” he explained.

Tillman said he can’t recall getting a shoutpoint, Richmond County School System’s method for alerting parents of school closures through robo calls.

Another parent, Janet Hampton was spared a trip, but found out class was canceled this morning too.

She told News Channel 6, “I don’t think it was enough time.  We were not prepared.”

School leaders announced the district-wide closure around 11 o’clock Tuesday night after a press release was issued.  News also spread on social media.  The cancellation left some parents scrambling for child care.

“Actually I had to call in,” Hampton told us about having to call off work.

We’ve been here at the Richmond County Board of Education trying to get a response from someone on camera.  I’ve even called, texted and emailed trying to get a district leader on camera to talk about how thousands of kids are impacted by this boil water advisory.

“It’s a hard decision.   I thought it was going to snow, that’s why I thought they were going to keep them out of school, but finding out that it’s about water I feel like water shouldn’t have anything do with them going to school technically,” Tillman said of the district’s performance.

“It’s a good thing that they’re out of school,” Hampton added.

The Richmond County EMA tweeted around 4 p.m. that school will be closed for students on Thursday.  The district email followed with Superintendent Dr. Angela Pringle stating, “At the end of the day, we cannot risk exposing any children to possible unknown contaminants in the water that may cause serious health issues.”

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