Giving Your Best: Bryan Hensley

Bryan Hensley is the February '16 GYB winner.

Television Park–  Bryan Hensley is a motivational speaker who is committed to making a difference in the lives of teenagers and young adults.

And it’s his passion to keep them -living- their lives, by sharing his story.

Bryan is described as a selfless man who has overcome very hard challenges, as the result of a brain injury.  He goes into schools and churches to talk with teenagers about his experience, an experience that started with a night of partying -and poor choices- that nearly took his life.

“I was a very wild and out of control teenager, doing a lot of drugs and drinking and driving one night back in July of 2002 and I slid off the dead end, through some grass and into a pine tree going 85mph.”

Bryan was 19 years old.

Tabitha Harris remembers that night well.

“When I got that phone call it just broke my heart. Trying to get down to the hospital to see him, him lying in that bed.”

He was hospitalized and in rehab for months.

“Having to learn to walk, talk, eat- everything back over again and where he’s at now is just so awesome!”

But getting here has been quite a struggle for Bryan.

“I’ve felt lost, alone, but I’m thankful to wake up in the morning time and put on my shoes. I’m more than thankful to be able to put on a shirt, even though it might take me five minutes to button it! I found faith and found a reason to be alive through my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

And through his devoted grandfather, Pop.

“He pulled me through the whole situation, he was there with me everyday.”

Bryan knew he was alive for a reason.

“It’s really given me a purpose to go around sharing my testimony with these teenagers.”

Tabitha’s kids have heard him speak.

“I’ve seen letters of how they just really look up to him. It’s just amazing the work he has done since the accident.”

If you would like to know more about Bryan and his speaking calendar, click here.

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