Presidential Hopefuls Jeb Bush and Ben Carson Visit Aiken

ABC News Your Voice Your Vote graphic
ABC News Your Voice Your Vote graphic

Presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail hard in South Carolina. GOP candidates Jeb Bush and Ben Carson participated in the ‘Last Word in the South’ Republican Presidential forum, before hundreds of potential voters.

It started around 7pm Thursday at the USC Aiken Convocation Center.

Presidential hopefuls Doctor Ben Carson and Former Governor Jeb Bush spoke to supporters about their plans if elected President.

Bush talked about his three phase plan.

“One about national security and why we need somebody that has a steady hand and somebody who has detailed plans to keep us safe. Another about disruption because Washington needs a disrupter… And third about how we win,” Bush explained.

Carson spoke about the need for Americans to stand together.

“We are not really each other’s enemies, the enemies are those people who try to cultivate hatred and division among us, and it was Jesus himself who said a house divided against itself can not stand,” he spoke.

Bush emphasized the need to defeat ISIS and stand by the military.

“I will be a commander in chief not an agitator in chief, I will support the military we will eliminate the sequester,” Bush said.

Carson joked about how other candidates have said he’s not tough enough to defeat terrorist groups.

“Some people say, but you’re such a nice guy and You’re not tough so you can’t do that kind of stuff, what a bunch of crap that is… I don’t think you determine toughness, quite frankly, by how loud you talk I think instead it’s determined by what you accomplish,” Carson explained.

One of the topics both candidates were asked about was who would they appoint to replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

“The process is incredibly important look at the life of the person… I would want somebody who is a strict constitutionalist,” Carson said.

Bush said the nation needs someone who has proven themselves, “We will be in a heap of trouble if we appoint a justice who allows the majority to legislate from the bench.”

The Republican Presidential Primary is this Saturday on February 20th.
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