Supporters Flock To North Augusta For A Message About America From Trump

Supporters began early lining up to hear Trump speak.

North Augusta, SC – Everywhere he’s gone, Trump has drawn a huge crowd, both supporters and those who don’t like his agenda. And today’s event was no different.

There was a long line of folks waiting to get inside when we arrived just before noon.  People were excited to hear what Trump had to say and only a few were undecided and even they are still leaning towards the man leading in the polls.

“Hats, shirts, buttons and scarves.”  That chant resonated around the Greeneway as people waited to enter the Riverview Park Activity Center.

We may know him by his slogan, ‘Make America Great Again,’ but some CSRA Donald Trump supporters anxiously awaited his North Augusta arrival to see how he plans on doing it.

Sandy Granger, of McCormick, SC said, “We all want our country back.  We want those rights that we’ve had.”

A few spots down in line stood Wayne Daniel, of Evans, GA.  He told us, “I don’t want Hillary Clinton.”

Armed with Trump signs, people from this generation and the next chimed in on why the man who’s already leading in South Carolina primary polls should get the vote.

Lauren Heal, a 15-year-old from Augusta came to the rally with a friend and that friend’s father.  Both had attended a Trump gathering before today.

“This country is just a big business.  It works like a business. I think that we could use somebody who knows how to run a business and has failed many times and knows how to get out of trouble,” she said.

“A nation in which has the largest industrial capacity in the world in which made America as a brand. He’s the only person talking about that,” said Marvin Iwu, of Augusta.

Many vendors travel with the Trump campaign to help local folks score some Donald Trump gear.

Conner Dowling purchased a t-shirt and the famous red hat.

“Actually, I just skipped class to come see Trump today.  I really wanted to buy the merchandise.  Everyone has it and he wears it in all of his speeches and all,” he said with excitement.

Inside, supporters heard a rousing talk about trade, war and the budget.

Trump said, “We have corporations that are leaving the United States.  Nobody even talks about it.  It’s to me one of the biggest problems we have outside of nuclear, outside of ISIS because to me, that’s always going to be number one.  Boom! Boom!”

And when one protester took the show, leaving with hands up, Trump stole it right back honoring the men who stopped it with a hug and a chance to speak to the crowd themselves.

“I’m not 100 percent sure if Trump is my candidate, but he has done one thing, brought things concerning Americans to the forefront,” Daniel said.

Trump made sure he touched on education and his plan to end common core.  He also reassured supporters that if he’s elected, the second amendment would be saved.

South Carolina’s Republican Primary is this Saturday, February 20.  The Democratic Primary will follow next Saturday, February 27.

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