#BernieBus Rolls Through Augusta With Nurses Who Want The Democrat For President

#BernieBus makes stop in Augusta with nurses campaigning for the Senator to become U.S. President.

Augusta, GA – A few nurses hit the road to support their democratic candidate for President of the United States inside a large red bus.  National Nurses United stopped at News Channel 6 Thursday afternoon in the #BernieBus.  Irma Westmoreland, a local veterans home nurse on the county-wide tour, said they’re supporting Bernie Sanders because of his support of universal healthcare and increasing the minimum wage.  They also said he did a good job working on the Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee.

“He helped us get one of our biggest budgets passed to help veterans get care and also to have things that they need for their benefits.  He will not stop that.  He will continue to make sure that doctors and nurses are at the bedside so we can help take care of our patients,” Westmoreland said.

Nurses also support Sen. Sanders because he wants to provide free education at public universities.

The #BernieBus headed to Atlanta after stops at Humanitree Restaurant and Walmart on Deans Bridge.  It will travel to South Carolina next weekend for the democratic primary election.



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