Pink Bag Donations: Residents wonder where their donations are going

EVANS, GA. – If you live in Richmond or Columbia County, chances are you may have noticed a pink bag hanging on your house, asking for donations for charity.

But many residents are questioning where their donations are going.

Bag, after bag, hanging from house to house in the Rivershyre neighborhood asking for clothing and small electronic items to help those in need.

You may have seen them hanging around or you may have seen someone like pulling up in your driveway with them.

“This is the second time this has been through out neighborhood, said resident Margot Hubbard.

Hubbard says it has her nervous.

Although she says she’d like to give to those in need, she wants to make sure she knows exactly where it’s going.

“I kind of looked into and found the numbers are not from here. And we have local ones to give to…why would somebody come so far to put this out into our neighborhood,” asked Hubbard.

Ashley Campbell took Hubbard’s concerns and tried to get in touch with the organization NSPIRE Outreach, Incorporated.

The pink bags come with a flyer that claims NSPIRE is partnering with a program called Hope for Domestic Violence, assisting mothers and children coming from abusive environments.

We looked it up and NSPIRE Outreach is a 501-C-3, meaning that they are a non-profit organization.

We gave them a call to find out exactly where the donations are going.

After several attempts, we were directed to Pastor Gregg Kennard.

However, it went to voice mail and our calls haven’t been returned.

Several CSRA residents appear to be mistaking the logo for the Hope House logo in Augusta.

They says they’ve been getting a heavy amount of calls, especially from Columbia County.

House wants locals to know they are not affiliated with the pink bag campaign.

Also, if you want to be sure of where your donations go – it never hurts to do a little digging.

According to the NSPIRE website, the remaining clothes that aren’t used are sold to thrift store partners to generate financial income that subsidizes program costs.

It also states the sales help support its ministry programs throughout the southeast and the more than 300 jobs the organization has created.

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